How to Avoid Unpleasant Roofing Frauds

Do Not Let Roofing Repair “Professionals” to Deceive You

The roof is one of the most important components of your house. Thus, when it needs quality repairs or new installation, you must hire a licensed, and trusted by many customers, roofing repair company. This is something you should never compromise on. This blog post will give you useful information on how to beware from the most common scams:

  • Paying money up front. Even though some money will be needed for buying materials and products, if they ask you to give them a down payment before starting their work, do not trust them. They will most probably disappear before they even finished their installation. If you do not have everything in writing, this is a sure scam.

  • The so called ”storm chasers” are responsible for a large percentage of the scams. They simply travel around, and if your area was hit by a storm, they will kindly offer you their services. What do they do? They convince you to let them in your property to make a ”quality” roof inspection. Afterwards, they claim you need brand new roofing due to the numerous damage points on your existing one. Once you’ve agreed, they install a poor-quality roof, and as soon as they have your money, they mysteriously disappear out of town. They do not have a website, physical address, or a phone number to get in touch with them.

  • The high-pressure sales tactics should be a big red flag for you. A ”professional” roofer is knocking on your door stating they have a supreme one day-validation offer for you at extremely low prices. They just show up without an appointment. Do not fall victim of these deceivers. A self-respected contractor will never ask you to make such an important decision. You need to have time to investigate other quotes.

  • Some dishonest roofers will try to raise the price after you have already set an agreement. A contractor who is trying to get more money from you during the repairing process is definitely not trustworthy. They will try to get away with some unexpected issues that have suddenly appeared.

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